Home Sweet Home

I did it y’all!! I purchased a home for the kids and myself!! It still feels like a dream!

I closed on the house on Monday afternoon, and I’ve been to it every day, but I haven’t moved in yet. I’ve been cleaning a little, but I’ll have a professional go in before we move our belongings into it.

The three of us are so excited! I’m excited, but also very nervous! 😰 I know I can handle it, but as a single mama, I still think about the responsibility of it. But, IT’S MINE! God is so good!

I worked, sometimes 12 hours or more per day, and worked on my side business, just to make this happen.

Now that the hardest part is over, I’ll move on to the next feat: decorating and updating. I hope that you guys will join me as I turn this house into our home. 😊